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Restoration Works

The company operates in the recovery of historical, artistic and monumental real estate.
The specialization degree and the collaboration with leading professionals, enable the company to address the various issues of the sector.
Valuing and preserving the artistic heritage is one of the specializations of Pecorelli snc company. Passion, attention to detail, knowledge of conservation techniques, from the traditional to the most modern, state-of-the-art technologies are what Pecorelli Snc company offers to all his clients, private or institutional.
Having within its own group some very experienced operators with respect to the old and traditional building methods, has allowed us to address and resolve, with valuable results, all those complex and sensitive issues typical of the conservation - restoration field.
Pecorelli snc Company is proposed as a qualified company in the recovery of the national cultural heritage, by using technologies and materials suited to the dictates of the architectural heritage offices.

Fields of action:

  • Monumental buildings;
  • Fine plasters;
  • Stucco;
  • Seismic adjustments;
  • Structural Consolidations;
  • Renovation of Tuscan/Umbria farmhouses;