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Pecorelli s.n.c Company,
has modern equipment and many working means for various types of work.
The company works on:
• Restoration works respecting monumental architectural/historical aspects;
• Interior, facades and roofs restoration;
• Renovation and construction of new ventilated roof;
• Adaptation of buildings to seismic codes;
• Adaptation of buildings to fire prevention regulations;
• Adaptation of buildings for use by the disabled;
• Resolution of issues caused from rising humidity;
• Accomodations of external zones with creation/modification of irrigation system;
• Construction of swimming pools;
• Construction of industrial buildings;
• Restructuring of industrial buildings;
• Adaptation of industrial buildings to new production requirements;
• Construction of shopping centers;
• Construction of schools;
• Construction of schools with green building techniques;
• Private building;

The administrator of PECORELLI s.n.c. company holds a master of Eco-sustainability and Bio compatibility and all the workers have received adequate preparation.