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Building Constructions

PECORELLI snc Company,
works in the field of public and private buildings with high-quality facilities and means, being highly specialized in various types of work.
For this reason PECORELLI snc Company is able to offer interventions in the construction of new buildings including various plant installations (heating, wiring, plumbing, etc.).
PECORELLI snc Company carries on business in government contracts with efficient organization and experience, being equipped with the necessary certificates.
The Company creates great prestige buildings as commercial stores, private homes, professional studios and sports facilities.
The same workers have attended courses in GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATION.

Green building

PECORELLI snc Company has realized ECO-SUSTAINABLE constructions having the following main design characteristics:

1) Natural insulation and therefore not caused by chemical processes
2) Perimeter Walls specifically designed to provide high energy savings
3) Photovoltaic system for electricity production
4) Solar panels system for the production of sanitary hot water
5) Limitation of the electromagnetic fields in the rest areas through the use of appropriate circuit breakers
6) Tank for the rainwater storage in order to reuse it
7) Heating system realized with centralized condensing boiler and underfloor heating for individual housing units
8) Roof ventilation and insulation package suitable for the removal of high and low temperatures
9) Building planning in the correct positioning to ensure natural ventilation within the units (orientation North / South)